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AirWatch SaaS architecture diagrams

When it comes to architecture design, below key words are always what enterprise is looking for:

  • Mission Critical
  • Security
  • Best Practise
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Scalability

In today’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) world, it’s really hard to find some simple and clear architecture diagram, even from the software vendor.

Cloud solution is always more popular than on-premise due to the simplicity and easy maintenance. so I’m just sharing out a few AirWatch cloud (SaaS) diagrams I had developed earlier for my clients, hopefully this can help

  • Senerio 1: AirWatch SaaS – Active Passive (ACC, MAG, SEG)


  • Senerio 2: AirWatch SaaS – Active Passive with Local Load Balancer (ACC, MAG)


  • Senerio 3: AirWatch SaaS – Global Load Balancer and Local Load Balancer (ACC, MAG)


I think the above scenarios are good enough for you to scale up. I will post a few on-premise architecture diagrams later as well.

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Better Managing Multiple Windows WiFi Network Profiles in Windows 10

One of the features I do love and I do hate as well is the wireless profile sync feature Windows 10 provided


As long as you have a Microsoft ID signed in in your Windows 10, your Wi-Fi profiles will be synced across all your devices


I agree it is a handy feature, but sometimes it’s annoying as well.

For instance, I’m in a scenario where I want one specific device connect to a specific WIFI network.

Let me explain that further, I have a SSID at home called “Ricky-Test-5G” which I want my laptop always connected, and I have another SSID called “Ricky-Test” which I want all of my other devices connected to.

The problem I have is both WLAN settings have been saved synced across all my Windows 10 devices, my device will pick up whatever profile first available, or will pick up whatever signal is better, which is out of my intension.

To fix this annoying issue, there are two resolutions:

1. Stop WiFi profile syncing

Only let the device know the right SSID it need to connect

To do this, simply switch “Password” sync settings

Windows 10->Start->Settings->Accounts->Sync your settings


The disadvantage for this solution is your browser password will stop sync as well. and sometimes you do want WiFi profile to be synced, just need to be some sort of prioritizing.


2. Prioritizing Wi-Fi profiles

Prioritizing Wi-Fi profiles is not a new concept and Windows did support this since Windows 7. and more importantly, Windows 10 won’t sync the network profiles priority, so we can have different priority on different device.


More details can be found here

However, Windows 10 removed the GUI interface of change the connections priority.

So we have to use the command line to do the trick

The key command here is “netsh”


As you can see here, just use below cmd command to show all of your current wireless profiles information

netsh wlan show profile

The interface here is “Wi-Fi”, and profiles orders are listed as well.

If you want to change the profiles priority, just use below cmd command

netsh wlan set profileorder name="Ricky-Test" interface="Wi-Fi" priority=1

Please replace my profile name “Ricky-Test” and interface name “Wi-Fi” to your actual name.

Now Windows 10 will connect to the Wi-Fi network based on the order if multiple wireless networks are available at the same time.


You can always find more about “netsh” command here

Hopefully Microsoft will bring the network connections GUI interface back again, or let user to change the network profiles priority from the GUI, not the command line.

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School Ranking

I’ve been doing some homework for gathering the Melbourne school ranking data from a list of resources and group them together.

Below are the resources where I got the data:

The ranking results are based on 2014 Victoria Australia.

So what I did was just group all the information into one excel for better filtering purpose. Enjoy!

Below are the screenshot




If you need my homework, feel free to download from here


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